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Are there minimum quantities to place an order from the warehouse? 1512  61%
(443 of 723 users)
Can line items or an entire order be cancelled after it has been submitted? 616  57%
(331 of 575 users)
What do I do if I forget my username and password? 969  55%
(362 of 650 users)
Do I have to order in full case quantities or may I order smaller amounts? 1074  54%
(349 of 636 users)
Why is my order On Hold if I paid with a credit card? 1011  54%
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How do I get an account established so I can order online? 1293  54%
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What is a "restricted" product? And what is an "allocation?" 932  53%
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<>--> Jacqueline, you already have it. Run this report Under "INVENTORY ACTIVITY QUERIES" ==>"Product Activity at the Code Level (CSV file)" You can pick any Friday you want going back to June of 2002; and all of the fields you want are already there. HI... I have tried to send emails regarding the weekly inventory reports by supplier that was sent out by paper - and now you has decided to not continue it. We need a weekly report to send to our suppliers that include ALL inventories (K, C, M, U, R, L and any other status that I am forgetting), NH code, description, Size, Pack, Receipt#, Rec Date, Qty, SLC status and any possible notes. If this can be done in a date range by broker in a CSV file with supplier number on it, then we can sort it by supplier # and email to the appropiate people. We have not yet notified our suppliers of this change because I know they will be calling for the alternative and I want to make sure I have an answer for them. Also I have tried to do the non-auto bailmnet orders for Destruction, and otherwise and it will not let me add inventory after I have already selected a product unless its on the same list (i.e. K status and I checked more than one box). For some reason my regular email is not arriving to you all so I was told about this email format.. but I can receive emails - so feel free to email me back or call. Thank you, Jacqueline Cafiso United Beverages, Inc. 603-223-2323 x265 480  54%
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What are the warehouse pick up hours? 848  53%
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How can I change my order to a customer pickup? 746  53%
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How do I check out and pay with a credit card? 953  52%
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How can I see my last order? 673  53%
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Can I cancel an order I just placed? 1086  52%
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Can payment by credit card be made after an order has been placed? 866  52%
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how do you go back to an order to correct it if you already put it through?? 479  53%
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how do I order by the bottle and not by the case? 541  53%
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How do I change my password and other account information? 841  52%
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Where do I create Templates? 716  52%
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I would like to know if we are able to make returns. We accidentally ordered three (3) cases of Dewars and two (2) cases of Stoli Vanilla and would like to return these for credit if possible. Please let me know. Thanks. Les Winders 99 Restaurant - N Conway, NH 769  52%
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Who should I call if there is a problem with the website? 694  52%
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Is there a way to print a blank template to use as an order form? 795  51%
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How do licensees place an order for "Restricted" products? 825  51%
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Are information reports available? 666  51%
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What is an Order Template? 585  51%
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When I try to edit my Contact/User information, it says that the "password is already taken." Why? 682  51%
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Can I build a non-auto bailment order without having to use all of the check-off boxes and scrolling through a long list of items? 597  51%
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I want to take A&J out of the deliveryoption for my account. I would like to replace it with Rateliner permanently going forward. How would i go about doing this? 591  52%
(240 of 461 users)
How do I register my license number so I can order online and use other web services? 684  51%
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I am in the process of opening a new store/restaurant. Who do I talk to? 655  51%
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how do I use a credit? 548  51%
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I just placed an order and didn't realize that the trucking Co defaults to AJ trucking, would like to change the delivery Co. to Rateliner Order Number was 1BLE5, placed 06/16/2014, Confirmation # 276223, For UNOS CHICAGO GRILL #1257503, Address: 593 Amherst St. Nashua, NH 03063 Phone # (603) 886-4132 Thank You, Rick Salstrom AGM 755  51%
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How do I print a month end inventory report 578  51%
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Can I print my order before it is submitted? 617  51%
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Sometimes I get kicked back to the home page. Why? 664  51%
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How do I change the contact person on 780  51%
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How do I find out the shelf life of a product? 604  51%
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I would like access to other reports. Such as a month-end activity. or a total purchases by item # or by broker. total dollars purchased by month, broker. That kind of stuff. 465  51%
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License #1475103 Toasted Brothers LLC Dba The Friendly Toast has been approved for credit. How do I access our account online so I can make payment? I don't see anywhere regarding new user setup. Thank you. Lisa Dubia, Business Manager 702  51%
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Where can I find the top selling wines in New Hampshire? 673  51%
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I am a new licensee. How do I register to get an online ordering account? 557  51%
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Can product be returned for credit? 2873  50%
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Sometimes when I check out, an item is crossed off the order. Why does this happen? 584  50%
(254 of 499 users)
i am having problem logging in.i forgot my password.i was asked to put in my email address but, it states they cannot find me email address when i am receiving email of sales every month. 483  50%
(234 of 459 users)
I'm a broker. How can I get a report of the independent stores and restaurants who have bought the product I represent, and how much they bought? 459  51%
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What can I do if I ordered the wrong product? 727  50%
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How do I get a login? 758  50%
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Can I see a history of my payments on the web? 736  50%
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Can I place news articles on for my business? 670  50%
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I just placed an order. Is there anyway I can add something to that order so that it is shipped with the rest if I have already submitted it? 618  50%
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I am looking at your feature, ".CSV Upload" In what format would I be uploading this? Do you have an excel template that I could use to upload in this fashion? Thanks! 535  50%
(208 of 412 users)